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Jericho lives on......

Jericho Comic CoversSeason 3 comes to you from Devil's Due Publishing

The country is on the brink of civil war.
Jake and Hawkins made it safely to Texas with the bomb.
The Cheyenne government is re-writing the history books.
And the small town of Jericho, KS said "Don't Tread on Me".

That's pretty much where things were left at when season 2 ended in 2008.

Now we get to know WHAT'S NEXT. Jericho Season 3: Civil War in comic book form from Devil's Due Publishing, with the original series writers still crafting the story of a country torn apart in the aftermath of a massive terrorist attack.

Support your local businesses - Pick up the latest issue from a local comic shop today. ( If you don't have a local shop, try getting it direct from DDP or an online dealer. There will also be a trade paperback compilation of the issues coming out in 2010 after the initial six individual issues have come out - but can you really wait that long? Can you stand everyone around you knowing what has happened while you wait?

Sales of individual comic books (either as walk in or subscriptions) will probably help the most, but whether you buy the individual issues or the compilation - all sales are important. The Jericho producers have said strong sales of the comic are important for their efforts to secure a Jericho movie.

Movie too?

As we heard last March (and was reiterated at San Diego Comic Con) the production team is trying very hard to put together a movie deal to let Jericho live on further. This is still very much in the planning stages, but they are working to make it happen and strong sales of the comic book will help them make their case. (Jan 2009 IF Magazine interview w/ Jon Turteltaub)


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